German Normandy Counter Attacks

Despite these heavy losses, the Germans launched a number of counter attacks in an attempt to delay the Allied advance towards Paris.

In this German newsreel footage, German troops are shown successfylly pushing the allies back. The Germans achieved some small localized successes, but overall, the allied invasion was a complete success. Four fifths of the German Army in Normandy was destroyed in the tough fighting that followed the allied landings.

This World War 2 newsreel shows the D-Day invasion from the allied perspective, as the Allied troops approach the Normandy coast in thousands of assault landing craft.

German Paratroopers Ambush U.S. Sherman Tanks in Normandy

In this German propaganda reel German tanks are shown counterattacking against the Americans. Due to allied air superiority, German tank reserves were quickly exhausted.

German Tanks Counter Attack in Normandy

Nonetheless the Germans put up strong resistance around the city of Caen, denying the Allies a deep water port for more than 6 weeks after the landings.

Normandy Breakout

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